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About me

Date of birth: the 4th of August, 1976

Place of birth: Oneşti town (formerly known as Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej town, before the year 1989), Bacău county, Romania

Religion: Atheism. Read here my own considerations regarding that religion, the Atheism, and what it presumes the fact that I see myself, from a religious point of view, as an atheist.

Sexual orientation: straight

Marital status: single, unmarried, never married, no kids, no kidding.

Habits: just like any normal human being, I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, therefore I eat meat; just like any man who is not sick or ill, I enjoy drinking a coffee that is not a decaf coffee, I smoke analogical cigarettes and not digital, electronic cigarettes, full of chemicals, as, from what I’ve found out by now, the tobacco is a plant, and not a liquid, and, as an extra, I drink alcoholic beverages that have not been at a desalcoholisation yet (not to mention that, who took the caffeine out from the coffee and the alcohol out from the beer, must have had a very damaged derailed mind); and, just like any man who was not brainwashed or who has not a fucked-up mind, I don’t eat apples with pear taste or pears with apple taste, but watermelon with watermelon taste, vanilla with vanilla taste, pineapple with pineapple taste, and coconut with coconut taste.

At the age of 4 years and a half I started to read, until that age I had been learning the letters, in a quasi-auto-didactic way, while others learn the letters much later, after they become grown-ups, in language and literature universities; just like the letters wouldn’t have been made a long time ago. And just like the dice were not thrown.

I also consider myself as being an autodidact, with a genuine and civilized behavior, good English common sense and good manners in the proximity of people to whom it is appropriate to behave in a manner. For the others, who have dropped dead these fundamental human attributes – I’m a punk punker, with the pacifist’s anger.

I have a deep consideration for the humor of a good quality (that sort of humor in the manner of Divertis, Seinfeld, M.A.S.H., Married, with Children, in the manner of South Park or Beavis and Butthead cartoons, and also Eugène Ionesco’s and Mikhail Bulgakov’s unusual, ridiculous and absurd theater, or Daniil Harms’s short stories, the parodies, such as the director Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, or the film-parable, such as the director Emir Kusturica’s Underground), as well as for what the Frenchmen and Frenchwomen adore, rather a man or a woman that has spirituality in his or her inner-self, than someone very educated and smart, and, from an artistic point of view, generally, I was pleasantly impressed by the humanistic artistic trend and by the surrealistic artistic trend also, with representatives from all arts, such as Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Aldous Huxley, respectively Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Luis Buñuel, etc.

In the year 1983 I started general school classes at Şcoala Generală cu clasele I-VIII, Numărul 8, Oneşti, (General School with I-VIII classes, Number 8, in Oneşti), and I graduated in 1991, as the best in my generation, and during that period of time I took part at many contests and school Olympics, intra-school and inter-school.

In the year 1991, when I was 15 years old, I tasted for the first time and I liked it. Some still think that thing is a problem. It may be, but only for the aesthetics, although is so hard to believe such people! At that time I discovered my first girlfriend, even though inhuman, namely the bottle, a suggestive girlfriend. Approximately in the same period of time, I have met for the first time my second girlfriend, this time a human one, that I uncovered her four years later, at the age of 19 years old, when she became my first lover. As a remark, I didn’t fuck any bottle, I only exterminated the alcohol, by being a great enemy of it, so that I should not have seen it again in front of me.

Between the years 1991-1995, I attended “Dimitrie Cantemir” high school courses in Oneşti, in an IT classroom, and I graduated with a high school diploma, becoming in the same time a senior and junior programmer, having now this quality, proven with a certificate for a senior and junior programmer following a final exam, when I finished the courses at the high school.

In the year 1995 I took the examination, and I passed it, for attending the courses at Academia de Studii Economice din Bucureşti, Facultatea de Contabilitate şi Informatică de Gestiune, (The Academy of Economical Studies in Bucharest, Specialization Accounting and Managerial IT), and I graduated, also, in the year 2000, by becoming a bachelor.

Because, that period of time in Romania, the military service was mandatory, after I had graduated the academy, for six months, between October 2000 and March 2001, I have been in the military service, short term for the bachelors of the academies and of the universities, in the military unit U.M. 812 Bacău, Gendarmerie, and there I took the final examination, and I passed it also, for obtaining the rank of second lieutenant, therefore now I’m a Second Lieutenant in reserve of the Romanian Army – Gendarmerie.

4 days immediately after finishing the military service, I started my professional activity, first job being at the company S.C. RAFO S.A., in Oneşti, on my first ever position, as an economist. You can access here my entire CV, regarding the professional activity. You can also access that Curriculum Vitae on the website, by following this address.

In the year 2010 I took the exam and also I passed it, for obtaining the quality of a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert – Word 2003, (MOS Expert – Word 2003), in English language, being international certified and also receiving the diploma from Microsoft company.

From the time when I attended the secondary school classes, I’ve started to practice yoga (one thing absolutely forbidden during the ex-communist regime in Romania, before the year 1989), by copying with my own hand a course of the most known Romanian yoga practitioner (one man who was suffering from total paralysis but, by practicing yoga, he has succeeded to completely recover), and, after the course transcription, I used it as a reference for practicing yoga myself.

Also during attending the general school classes, I practiced judo, in my birth town, Oneşti.

During high school, I’ve practiced Qwan-Ki-Do, one China-Vietnamese martial arts style, developed by the Vietnamese maître Pham Xuang Tong.

Other sports that I had been practicing are the soccer, at Clubul Sportiv Şcolar Oneşti, (Oneşti School Sports Club) during general school, and also handball and basketball – in what is concerning the last, I was co-opted to join the basketball team of “Dimitrie Cantemir” high school, for inter-high school competitions, as the point guard.

During the attendance of the Academy of Economical Studies Bucharest, between the years 1995 and 2000, the place that I’ve loved (and I continue to love) the most in Bucharest, was and remained Romanian Cinematheque, where I have seen as many movies as I could (art movies, classical movies and cult films); as a short parenthesis, I can say that I have a profound consideration for the activity of one director, who is Stanley Kubrick, having Austrian, Romanian and Russian roots, for the fact that he made masterpieces in any genre of film art that he has approached. I could say also that in the top of my preferences there is Andrey Tarkovsky’s Stalker movie, – ill-fated cinephiles know exactly why, and also Sergei M. Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin movie; and, from my point of view, I can say without any hesitation that the most complex actor, unmatched, was Charles Chaplin, on the big screen and also as a man, taking into consideration what he has depicted in his book, entitled The Story of My Life. During that period of time, I have watched also a series of theatrical performances, having as main protagonists sacred masters of the Romanian theater art, and I have read especially classical French literature, including magister François Villon, the founder of the modern French literature; the modern French literature I have read before. I also have been impressed by the three great universal masterpieces regarding parricide: Oedipus The King, Hamlet and Karamazov Brothers, by Sophocles, William Shakespeare, respectively Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, analyzed by Sigmund Freud, in one of his writings.

I was a passionate, during my life, about the art field as much as about the science field (including exact, classical sciences and also esoteric and niche sciences, equally, as much as other paradigms, which were confirmed – or not – during time), that I have been aware throughout education, culture, books and specialized magazines, and also due to the fact that I am a self-taught.

In the music field, I stuck to the guitar, and my favorite genres of music are the classical music (the pre-classical music especially), jazz and any kind of rock, from hippie to punk, with interference and immixtion in heavy metal, metal and other genres related to rock (including in black metal or “music with the devil”, as the highest representatives of BOR – Bisericii Ortodoxe Române (The Romanian Orthodox Church) are naming it), but I don’t exclude, and in the same time I have some preferences from, other musical genres, less the disco-pop music, which represents, accordingly to the music critics, the poorest genre of music among those that have ever existed, an idea that I agree with, and totally excluding the Romanian manele “songs” of various contemporaries, which, along with the telenovelas, represent not a form of subculture, but the maximum form of non-culture, – from my point of view, the Romanian manele “songs” of the latest years, after 1989 are not music, not even when you have a buzz, just like the telenovelas are not movies -, taking into consideration also the fact that, if you waste your time by listening to and by watching Romanian manele “songs” of the latest years, respectively telenovelas, you don’t have anymore material time left for authentic music art and for authentic film art, and, generally speaking, you have no space and time left for what it is, indeed, authentic culture, education, evolution and self improvement.

Also during the attendance of the academy courses, I approached Sigmund Freud’s work and Carl Gustav Jung’s work, practically falling in love with the psychoanalysis, which represents my main hobby, along with the astrology, zodiac, chiromancy and numerology. Also I’m fascinated by the idea of paranormality (as described by Stephen King in his novel It), and by the collective subconscious, sensed and described by Carl Gustav Jung, by science-fiction literature, among my preferred authors being Frank Herbert and Stanisław Lem, also by the astronomy, by the space-time theory, by other cosmogonies, by the history of creeds and religious ideas, and by other theogonies.

As I said above, from a religious point of view, I’m an atheist, and I feel closer to eastern religions than to the western ones, and I consider that the art, the culture, the civilization, the way of life, and the habits of the East and of the Far East are more natural and with a greater tendency towards spirituality, than what it presumes the Western civilization. In order that you should understand my point of view in what is concerning the atheism, the human beings, the human beings rights, the animals and the rights of the animals, I invite you to read this article, on my Facebook page, in English language, and also in Romanian language.

What it remained „outside”, by now, is the photographic art, to which I try, little by little, to get closer.

Among and between those main coordinates, briefly, laconic and lapidary described above, I’ve spent the most part of my life’s time until now. And, from time to time, I loved – why not? -; just like the poet says “Why do we love women?”, and the other says „Hmmm”.

In what is regarding the rest, I’m a kind of guy who I tend to become mostly what I am potentially, and not what I couldn’t ever be.

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